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Cleanse Ritual Incense

Cleanse Ritual Incense

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  • Scent: Cedar
  • Crystal: Clear Quartz Point

These colorful rope incense are to be used for intention setting around cleansing, releasing and letting go. Whether it be to cleanse your home, clear your energy field, release old patterns, illness or negative energy… Set your intention, communicate your invocation to the Universe, and charge your crystal with what you wish to be cleared off.

Each box contains 15 hand-rolled rope incense, a Clear Quartz crystal, and directions on how to perform your intention ritual.

These beautiful, traditional Tibetan rope incense are hand-made by a women’s collective in Nepal. They are made of rice paper with ground cedar inside. That’s all. No filler, no fragrance, no chemicals. They can be burned on a rope incense burner, or on a fire-proof dish.

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