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Cactus Leather Lined Journal

Cactus Leather Lined Journal

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Yes, words matter. But what you write in... is vital.

🌵 Handmade out of sustainable Nopal cactus leather & premium recycled paper, this journal was designed for you. Because you are vital. 

When you write, you create. And when you create, you're in control. So take control of your life and start writing.

Infused with vitality, this journal will bring forth confidence & encourage you to create anything you desire.

✍🏽 A daily essential for a vital you

- made out of supple Nopal cactus leather 
- 160 pages of 100 gsm recycled lined paper 
- great for a variety of inks, no bleeding 

- expandable inner pocket for passport/cash
- green bookmark and elastic enclosure band 
- lay flat design ideal for comfortable writing 
- PETA approved, certified cruelty-free & vegan

- dimensions: 5.7 x 8 in (A5)

🇲🇽 Handmade in Guadalajara
♻️ Biodegradable, like you

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