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Chevron Amethyst Point

Chevron Amethyst Point

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Chevron Amethyst, also known as Dream Amethyst, is a combination of Amethyst and Quartz mixed together in a V-stripe or banded pattern. Chevron Amethyst combines the strengthening and enhancing qualities of Quartz with the stress relieving qualities of Amethyst. Chevron Amethyst helps to bring courage and inner strength, remove resistance to change and dissipate/repel negative energy.

4 Different sizes (approximate heights)

A: 1" - 1.5"

B: 1.75" - 2"

C: 2" - 2.25"

D: 2.25" - 3" H with Approx 1" W

* Sold individually. Due to the nature of these being naturally made we can not guarantee yours will look like specific one in image. Used for example.

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