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Indukala Moon Phase Design Cascading Rustic Bell

Indukala Moon Phase Design Cascading Rustic Bell

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This alluring bell chime features our popular Indukala lunar moon phase design and a rustic bell cascade. The celestial design features a top hoop with a colorful, hand painted moon phase illustration and five bells descending from sturdy jute cord. Each handmade bell is expertly crafted from metal by artisans in India. Traditional bell craft techniques are applied to cut and hammer the metal, then to hand-shaped the metal into bell form. Complete with sturdy hanging loop, this piece is suitable for use as an indoor chime and an outdoor chime.

The moon is a universal beacon and a powerful symbol throughout many cultures. Connecting with the rhythms of nature through moon phases can bring awareness to the rhythms and patterns within ourselves - body, heart, mind, and spirit. Celestial art and moon phase decor are great reminders to set this intention, connecting us us to the energy of openness, healing, renewal, intuition, and wisdom. This piece is an intentionally and ethically crafted. Bring your outdoor spaces to life with a moon phase design garden bell chime. 

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