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Queer Power Couples: On Love and Possibility

Queer Power Couples: On Love and Possibility

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This photographic celebration of queer love and excellence gathers fourteen LGBTQ+ power couples, offering a glimpse into the journeys that led to their meaningful relationships and thriving careers.

From designer Debbie Millman’s ardent courtship of writer Roxane Gay to the romantic and creative relationship forged between Perfume Genius bandmates Mike Hadreas and Alan Wyffels on stage during their first world tour, this beautiful book offers a closer look into the lives of fourteen inspiring LGBTQ+ couples and the meet-cutes, success stories, and personal reflections that made them the role models they are today. These icons come from a range of backgrounds—they are trailblazers who lead research labs, kitchens, and news organizations; create life-giving art and music; and tell queer stories in award-winning books, films, and television shows.

With in-depth original interviews by journalist Hannah Murphy Winter and intimate photography by their wife, Billie Winter, this diverse collection is a jubilant celebration of queer love and an empowering reminder to younger LGBTQ+ generations of their limitless possibilities.

AMAZING PROFILES: This superlative collection features more than twenty-five queer leaders in film and TV, the music industry, journalism, academia, fine art, and nonprofits. Read about showrunner ND Stevenson and comic artist Molly Knox Ostertag, astrologer Chani Nicholas and nonprofit founder Sonya Passi, director Anthony Hemingway and actor Steven Norfleet, chefs Aisha Ibrahim and Samantha Beaird, and many more inspiring figures. 

BEAUTIFUL IMAGES: Intimate, joyful, and moving, the photography of Billie Winter captures a diverse group of queer icons in the worlds they have built for themselves. Her candid, organic images of the couples share intimate moments of laughter, conversation, and comfortable silence. And at the end of every photoshoot, she asked the couples to photograph each other — capturing the couples' love and connection with a vulnerability that only they could. This gorgeous book presents LGBTQ+ relationships in all their multiplicity.

OWN VOICES: This is a book 
about queer power couples created by a queer couple. In-depth original interviews conducted by journalist Hannah Murphy Winter offer insightful context into the lives and careers of the LGBTQ+ changemakers, and photographs by her wife, Billie Winter, capture genuine, unscripted moments between the subjects. This is a meaningful gift for queer folks, allies who want to learn more about queer culture, and anyone who wants to uplift the stories of the LGBTQ+ community.


Pages: 248

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