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Sea Turtles Expandable Vase

Sea Turtles Expandable Vase

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Expandable Flower Vases do everything a glass vase does except collect dust, chip or break. Expandable vases are durable and stable enough to hold a flower bouquet.

  • Dimensions: 10.25" X 6.25"
  • Materials: BPA free plastic vase.

Sea Turtles Hawksbill sea turtles, named for their pointed beaks, are found in tropical oceans. Often traveling vast distances, females always return to the beach where they hatched to lay their own eggs. Only around 1 in 1000 hatchlings survive to adulthood.

An endangered species, these gentle creatures are threatened by fishing gear, pollution, and coral reef destruction from climate change. What can we do to help? Never leave holes on the beach. Turtle hatchlings, crawling to the safety of the ocean, can fall and become trapped in holes, leaving them vulnerable to predators.

Reducing waste by purchasing reusable and recyclable products is also great way to start.

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