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The Selby Comes Home

The Selby Comes Home

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Photographer, director, and bestselling author Todd Selby captures the wildly creative family homes of forty-one artists, writers, makers, and designers in The Selby Comes Home.

For the past two decades, Todd Selby has traveled around the world, photographing people in their spaces. He has captured the lives of various quirky individuals in three books:
The Selby Is in Your Place, Edible Selby, and Fashionable Selby. Along the way, he got married and became a father. As his personal life shifted to focus on family, he became more interested in how creatives find ways to incorporate children into their spaces.

The Selby Comes Home explores a new dimension of inspiration by looking at unique families and their vibrantly colorful homes. Complete with Selby’s signature questionnaires, whimsical illustrations, and inventive design, The Selby Comes Home inspires anyone who lives with family, pets, roommates, or just their own chaotic selves to find beauty and joy in their spaces.

Pages: 304
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